Комаров Артём о переходе от проектирования к изготовлению (eng)
Комаров Артём о переходе от проектирования к изготовлению (eng)

Комаров Артём о переходе от проектирования к изготовлению (eng)

Artem Komarov noted that every great product starts as an idea. Researchers, engineers, and manufacturers have a role to play in turning this idea into a viable product that improves the lives of those who use it.

Moving your product through the stages from design to manufacturing to product release is a complex process with many factors involved.

Idea, Komarov Artem


Every idea goes through gradual stages that lead to the final mass production of a successful new product.



The first step in the manufacturing process is to develop a practical design. Typically, you start a design with intensive research in your field and the problem you want to solve with your new product.


Once you’ve done thorough research on the topic, you can sketch out some potential projects or work on computer programming to see how you can effectively embed your idea into a functional product.



At this point, you have completed the final design of the prototype and are now working on building your prototypes. You usually create multiple iterations of your main prototype to get an informed idea of ​​what design best achieves your goal.


The prototype stage of the manufacturing process allows you to test your product to work out any lingering flaws before producing your product at scale.



When you are satisfied with your prototype, you can move on to full scale production. Reliable, experienced manufacturers play a significant role in the quality and success of your end product. Your manufacturer should set you up for a successful product launch by ensuring that your product is durable and functional.


Find a competent manufacturer with experience in your field so that they can turn your dream product into a viable reality, stated Komarov Artem