Комаров Артём как стать более креативным сварщиком (eng)
Комаров Артём о 5 шагах к тому, чтобы стать более креативным сварщиком (eng)

Комаров Артём о 5 шагах к тому, чтобы стать более креативным сварщиком (eng)

Welding is a valuable skill that will help you succeed in the metalworking industry, but what other qualities or characteristics do you need to excel and stand out from the crowd?

Hands down, without a doubt, you need to learn how to become a creative manufacturer, Artem Komarov noted.

Артём Комаров

Fabrication begins long before metal arrives and is much more than just cutting, bending, notching and assembling. The average welder can read drawings and welding procedure specifications to get the job done. But how do you feel when you are asked to fabricate something from scratch?

Whether it’s a suspension kit, equal length stainless steel manifolds, or a cool backyard cooking rocket stove, the crafting process starts in the mind and takes time to bring to life. You need to think about the proper functioning of what you are creating, and then turn on the talent and creativity to turn it into functional art. The finished product should look clean and well planned, Artem Komarov said.

Over the past few years in the welding and fabrication industry, I have watched various projects and have seen firsthand how much thought and attention to detail it takes to be a great manufacturer. But how are you moving towards this goal? A good starting point is to follow the five steps of the creative process:

  1. Collect new information. Follow qualified makers on social media for «making inspiration». They are great at showing the different angles of what they are building and give insight to those welders who don’t have access to years of knowledge. Learn all the fabrication methods you can, old and new, so you can find the best method for your project.
  2. Work through the concepts in your mind. Give yourself time to really think about your ideas and concepts for the project. Sometimes it’s best to do this just before bed.
  3. Go for a walk. Don’t pressure yourself to spit out magical fabrication work instantly. Give your mind a break and do something completely off topic.
  4. Let the ideas come back. After a while, your mind will flash with understanding of new concepts and constructions.
  5. Start building! There is no need to chase perfection, but if you keep working hard, your crafting ability will continue to grow.