Комаров Артём о внедрении цифровых и статистических инструментов (eng)
Комаров Артём о внедрении цифровых и статистических инструментов (eng)

Комаров Артём о внедрении цифровых и статистических инструментов (eng)

Komarov Artem explained that in an industry, any adequately informed workforce is more likely to adopt and manage new technologies. For pressrooms looking to embrace smart manufacturing, engaging staff in development is key to success.

Smart manufacturing en masse uses digital and statistical tools to support manufacturing decisions. The biggest impact of smart manufacturing on the impact of your power will be the implementation of information management in their responsibilities. If we want smart manufacturing to become truly smart, we need to break down the silos. This means that reliable communication monitoring cycles must be implemented and maintained in design/simulation, die testing and manufacturing. These follow-up cycles are the basis for learning best practices and minimizing errors in the future.

As evaluation is still discovering for itself the current and potential opportunity of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), people’s most versatile resource and yours must be the most effective means of controlling misuse and misapplication of AI/ML.

Encouraging acceptance and meaningful participation requires an open discussion of the possibilities of smart manufacturing and its analysis of the analysis of production and employees. Explain to them the use of the definition of smart manufacturing, the goals and plans for implementation, how they will be new technologies, as well as your ethics regarding the use of smart manufacturing. Employees must understand the possibilities of smart manufacturing, how information management will affect their work, and how to respond to analytics.

Define and implement ethical AI

AI is intrusive. We all know about an unusual product, only to be bombarded with endless social media and email advertising for the product. Worse, more than a decade ago, Target scared off customers by sending out coupons to women based on the women’s «pregnancy prediction» scores, expected based on their shopping habits. When a retailer began sending out coupons to pregnant high school girls near Minneapolis, upsetting her unsuspecting father, Target realized it had gone too far.

In the aggregate of employees, there are limits to how much they can influence their personal lives and behavior. You also have an obligation to take into account the views of employees and make their safety a top priority. Before embarking on the transition to smart manufacturing, it is important to determine what level of employee monitoring is acceptable. You also need to determine how the deployment guide to the intervention will be in high-level and high-analysis cases. Knowing that you are firmly and prudently respecting the safety and privacy of employees will help you win over their crimes and crimes against the law.

Артем Комаров, искусственный интеллект, производство

Explain information management responsibilities

Smart manufacturing requires training. Growth comes from discovering which resources are provided by reliable quality components. Any investment in new technologies will only be good if the quality and security of the data they use. This means that each employee takes responsibility for ensuring that decisions are accurately recorded.

The tutorial also requires the old, naive bunkers to be completed. A multi-story wall between modeling and designing tools and dies is counterproductive. The best way to learn how to design dies according to geometric dimensions and control elasticity is to capture the history of changes and adjustments in a feedback loop for the design and modeling team.

Your employees must measure large amounts of data in today’s manufacturing environment. They must not only be confident in collecting accurate data, but also be in the position that they can question the data if it does not accurately reflect the state of the enterprise.

Ensure Accurate Sample Population Selection

The choice of sampling procedure is the most important indicator in data analysis. I have five years of my career to correct a fate caused by a seriously erroneous analysis carried out on the wrong choice.

characterization of the properties of materials, lubricants and selection in modern press shops is extremely important, a knowledgeable employee reviews compliance with the recipe used to make production decisions. Your analytics and auditors don’t have enough depth to select exactly the elements that need to be analysed.

Get familiar with the basics of analysis

Although it is not necessary to train shop floor employees in calculations, they should understand how results are obtained, what they mean, and the terminology of statistical analysis. Whether it’s analyzing the dimensions and integrity of components, developing a statistical model of historical data, or measuring press performance, it’s important that decision makers understand what’s being analyzed and how to make the right decisions.

It’s still all about the materials

However, in the midst of these digital and statistical tools, the material you shape is ultimately the only constant in every press shop.

With a basic understanding of the properties and behavior of the materials being formed, as well as the use of lubricants and other consumables, your employees can make better decisions on the shop floor using the results obtained from the implementation of your smart manufacturingб summed up Artem Komarov.