Комаров Артём о повышении производительности автоматизированной сварки (eng)
Комаров Артём о повышении производительности сварочного процесса (eng)

Комаров Артём о повышении производительности сварочного процесса (eng)

It is important to always keep amperage and duty cycle in mind when choosing the right nozzle type. The ideal choice is one that gives access without compromising consumable life or compromising shielding gas coverage, Komarov Artem emphasized.

Just as important as nozzle selection is maintenance. This helps prevent debris from building up in the head and robotic gun. Some tips for maintaining regular cleaning include the following:

Make sure you are using clean filler metal. Use the cleaning pad on the back of the wire feeder. This will help eliminate any pulverized dust or contaminants that settle on it.

— The filler metal must be stored in a dry environment when not in use. Moisture can affect welding performance.

— Keep the nozzle cleaning station accessible and frequently used by placing it near the robot

— Consider installing an anti-splash sprayer at the cleaning station to extend the time between cleanings

— Program the robot to automatically turn on regular cleaning between cycles

Автоматизированная сварка, Комаров Артем

Optimization of wires and lugs

If you find that your robot burns frequently or that you are not getting a solid weld due to a bad arc, consider looking at your consumable and contact tip. Depending on whether you are using solid wire, the solution may be to simply reduce the size of the contact tip. Also, keep in mind that the type of wire you use will determine the durability of the contact tip. Our engineers often recommend using more expensive copper-clad wire to reduce the delay and cost of changing tips more frequently.

Monitoring contact-tip-nozzle relationships

— One easy way to avoid problems is to practice preventive maintenance by changing tips before they become a problem. Also, consider the following:

— Invest in high capacity chrome zirconia tips

— Check for good connections in diffusers, nozzles and contact tips

— The use of an anti-splash complex can provide some protection against the accumulation of splashes, summed up Komarov Artem.