Комаров Артём о мобильным анализе металла (eng)
Комаров Артём о мобильном анализе металла (eng)

Комаров Артём о мобильном анализе металла (eng)

Komarov Artem explained that when working with metal or metal alloys, it is important to know what is the right one. It is necessary to ensure the correct elemental composition to meet the expectations of your customers, your production process, or to check what your supplier has supplied.

Артём Андреевич Комаров

For welding and fabrication, it is important that you know that the materials you are working with meet your requirements and that they are accurate in their composition. Imported metals have brought some surprises in recent years. External testing is not the only way to avoid mistakes in metal.

Mobile metal analyzers offer excellent on-site solutions for a wide range of incoming and outgoing metal monitoring applications — accurate, simple, and affordable. It’s important to make sure you’re always using the right material for the job.