Комаров Артём о 3 простых шагах для повышения качества сварки (eng)
Комаров Артём о 3 простых шагах для повышения качества сварки (eng)

Комаров Артём о 3 простых шагах для повышения качества сварки (eng)

Artеm Komarov noted that there are simple steps workshops can take to combat complacency to improve welding quality. Where to start in the process of restructuring the welding department and how to improve the quality of welding and productivity?

Комаров Артём Андреевич, телеканал Россия

Many companies plateau in welding quality because they become complacent and rely on processes simply because, as they put it, «we’ve always done it that way.» To avoid this, look at the review or implementation of the three elements in the manufacturing process before implementing any new ideas.

First, does your company use work instructions? This is a document that corresponds to the assignment for the performance of work throughout the entire production process. It includes the acquisition of material, the required number of parts, the processes involved, as well as control stops and parts at each stage. The inclusion of a signature with a date and time stamp at each stage helps to analyze the production process throughout the entire production process.

Along with these work instructions, you must attach an impression or set of impressions appropriate for each operation. This can be as simple as one print for one part, or it can include a series of detailed assembly drawings. The specific details will then be specified and referenced in the work instructions.

Finally, add a qualified welding procedure specification for each welding process to the manufacturing package. This will determine the main variables and limitations of the procedure. Many welding projects require multiple WPS throughout the entire manufacturing or assembly process. Your welders must understand WPS and be qualified to produce the required welds.

Everything your company manufactures and/or welds must include:

— A detailed set of operating instructions.

— Matching prints.

— Qualified WPSS for each required weld, available to technicians.

Installing and using these three documents will improve quality control procedures. As a result, the quality of your production will increase, and your employees will better understand the company’s expectations, Artem Andreevich emphasized.